common Q’s


what is it made from?

american made beaver & or rabbit felt. durable beyond belief as proven by the cowboys who have been wearing them throughout history! when taken care of, these hats can stand the test of time and can outlive the wearer; making it an heirloom piece. we are one of the very few central coast brands…with access to this high-quality material :) + american leather sweatband, and vintage ribbonry from around the world elevate each hat. embroidery, distressing, beads, and small details add to the layers of available customization.

where are you located?

exactly halfway between san francisco and los angeles right off the 101 freeway in a super fun shipping container development referred to as the BLOCK SHOPS. you can enjoy the best cold beverages from all over the state in the Ancient Owl beer garden, enjoy sheep’s milk ice cream at Negranti Creamery, and shop my hats all in one stop! 6090 el camino real Atascadero, CA 93422

how do fittings work?

when visiting the store for a hat, i hope that you can find something you love that fits and take it home on the spot! if you find something you love and it almost fits i will be able to make certain sizing adjustments and customizations while you have a cold beverage in the beer garden. if you find something you love on the wall in the store that is not your size, chances are i can recreate something very similar in your size for a more reasonable price than a full custom job. FOR CUSTOM hats i ask for at least 2 appointments because it allows me to get your exact head shape and ensures the opportunity to shape the hat directly to your head at final fitting.

how long does it take to make a hat?

it can take anywhere from one to two weeks for me to complete a hat. when you factor in the time it takes to source specific felt colors it can be 1-3 months!

how much does it cost?

when shopping the current selection at the shop, hats will range in pricing. anywhere from 400 for straws to 700 for felt and upward depending on the materials used. for custom hats, the price will fall in the range of 850-1000 depending on various requests!